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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tampa Media And Dominik-Tied-To-The-2010-Draft

Looks like Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik believes that his opportunity in Tampa Bay is attached to the 2010 draft:
I think it wouldn’t be unfair for me to say that this class will have a big impact on the success of this football team going forward. If this draft class doesn’t succeed, I probably don’t, either.
-- Pewter Report press conference notes
The Tampa Media has pounced on Dominik's quote like executioners given big new axe to grind:
For a long time, they will be intertwined, Dominik and this draft. In a week, in a year, in a decade, when someone mentions one of them, you will not be able to avoid thinking about the other.
-- Gary Shelton, TampaBay.com

How this draft turns out, even short term, will almost certainly determine the fates of General Manager Mark Dominik and Coach Raheem Morris and a lot of other people not named Glazer inside One Buc Place.
-- Martin Fennelly, TBO.com

Banking on this draft to ressurect the Bucs is the football equivilent of loading the bases for Albert Pujols with two outs.
Pujols could ground out. Just as easily, he could hit a grand slam.
That’s what Dominik has done. He’s walked the bases loaded.
-- JoeBucFan.com, article titled "Draft Will Be Midway or Waterloo for Dominik"
(How about Joe Buc Fan pulling out references to World War II, Napolean, and baseball in one fell swoop on a football blog?  Sheesh!) And, more importantly, some have started to set the bar far above anything accomplished by most general managers long before this year's draft even begins:

The Bucs have 11 picks, enough to fill a huddle, and five of those are among the first 101 selections. It is not too much to suggest the Bucs should walk away with four eventual starters and two Pro Bowl caliber players.
-- Gary Shelton, TampaBay.com
Really?  Two pro bowl players per year?  As usual, the egomaniacs of the Tampa Bay Media feel it is their right, their position to dictate exactly what must be accomplished by whom and by when, while they themselves sit high above the frenzy and pass judgement.

In light of all this, I just have to say to the Tampa Media:  Can I attach my credibility to this draft as well?  Please???

Seems to me this time the hounds in the Tampa Media Elite have been tricked by a wily fox in the person of Mark Dominik.  This is the most talented draft in 20 years by some estimations with the talent running long and deep.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have 11 picks to mine this rich talent pool for contributors.  If your job is to drill for oil and you're standing above one of the largest finds in 20 years, be sure to look your boss right in the eye and assure them that your next raise should be based on the next 11 wells dug.  Likewise, if you are going into a draft room with a deep talent pool and lots of picks you make sure the fans know you understand the situation.  That, my friends, is called tact ("skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations").  Now Dominik has the Tampa Media to thank for tying his name closely with the talent that comes out.  Suddenly, after the draft, they will realize they can't call it "luck" or "a can't miss draft" -- now they must give him credit when the talent matures.  And I believe that has been Dominik's plan since he dropped the quote last week.  So while the Tampa Media rushes to the gallows to wait for a mistake, misstep, or some unfortunate luck, Dominik can sit back, do what he's done for 15 years, and play the cards he has stacked in his own favor (four extra picks this year) to his strong suit.

I suspect Dominik will bring the same tact to the table starting Thursday evening, and Buccaneer fans will be extremely pleased come Saturday night.

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