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Saturday, April 3, 2010

2010 Draft: Quarterback and Offensive Lineman Off the Board

Here is the scenario:

#1 Pick:  Saint Louis chooses Sam Bradford, Quarterback, Oklahoma
#2 Pick:  Detroit chooses Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

I'm not the only one who thinks this is a possibility.

The only question with this scenario:  Would the bedlam in Oklahoma (top 2 picks!!) be crazier than the bedlam in the Buccaneers draft room?  The only two teams ahead of the Buccaneers go offense with picks for positions Tampa Bay is probably not concerned about this year.  They leave the board wide open with every top ranked defensive player available.  Certainly the pick would be Ndamukong Suh, DL from Nebraska, or Gerald McCoy, DL from Oklahoma (rumor has is that Suh would be preferred).  What could possibly be better?

Believe it or  not, there is one trade offer in this situation which may be worth considering. 

Pick #4 is the Washington Redskins and Pick #5 is the Kansas City Chiefs.  I suspect that the Redskins are interested in Jimmy Clausen.  I also suspect since Charlie Weis is the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs that the Chiefs would not pass on Jimmy Clausen (QB, Notre Dame) should he fall past the Redskins.  Clausen would have extra time to develop behind Matt Cassel in Kansas City.  Cassel is locked up in a very heavy contract until 2014, but that is just 4 seasons away.  Cassel took a beating last year and even if the Chiefs look to the 2010 draft for help on the offensive line it will take time to develop.  So holding a quarterback on the bench for a year or two would not be a bad idea and the Chiefs would be well served to pick up a good offensive linemen and ignore Clausen.  However, there are eight 2010 offensive line prospects thought to project into the first and second rounds.  Depending on how their draft board stacks up the Chiefs may be comfortable putting off an offensive line selection until either of their second round picks (36th and 50th overall).  If that is the case and they value Clausen highly they could try to trade up above the Redskins.  If the Redskins also value Clausen, they may try to trade up to assure they get the quarterback they want.

In this scenario, if the Bucs were to trade with Washington, they would still get their choice of the defensive linemen they covet, plus additional picks in who-knows-what rounds or years.  If this offer is on the table, this would be the no-brainer oprtion, adding twice as much bedlam to the Buccaneers war room.

Under this scenario, the Bucs could also opt to trade with the Chiefs and still have (at least) one of the top defensive linemen in the draft still available.  Again they would also gain some variety of additional picks.  If this offer is on the table it is a harder choice.  If the Chiefs do indeed want to take Clausen, this trade only makes sense if Tampa Bay considers the two defensive linemen absolutely equal.  If they prefer one over the other for any reason they would most likely not trade with the Chiefs.

If the Bucs trade with any other team they cast the dice on seeing either defensive lineman drop to them.  Is there any price that could make that happen?  Perhaps.  Keep in mind that the Seattle Seahawks and San Franciso 49ers have two first round picks this year and the New England Patriots have three second round picks this year.  In a draft this deep more picks can make for a very bright future.  I am quite sure it would have to be a very, very nice fat offer to move the Buccaneers.

All in all, this scenario is the best of all worlds for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  At worst they end up with the defensive lineman they want the most.  At best they pull a trade, get extra picks, and still get one of the top defensive linemen.  This is the situation I'll be hoping for all day on April 22nd.

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