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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft Day Final Thoughts

 So, the analysis is complete (offense and defense), the scenarios have been laid out, the needs have been listed, and a few fake runs of draft selections have been finished.  All that's left is some final notes and thoughts on the 2010 NFL Draft (and making the popcorn):

Byron Leftwich (QB) has been traded back to Pittsburgh for another 7th round pick in the 2010 Draft.  He doesn't really create a void since most teams only carry three quarterbacks during the regular season.  However, the Buccaneers will need a camp warrior quarterback for the offseason, so it's possible that one of the last picks could be used to add one extra arm to the team.  Best case is the Buccaneers find a player to push Rudy Carpenter for the #3 position.

The Buccaneers now have twelve picks in the 2010 NFL Draft, five in the 7th round.  This provides General Manager Mark Dominik a huge amount of flexibility while the draft is in progress.

Consider This:  Two of the original allotment of 7 picks of the 2010 Draft were sent to Cleveland in 2009 for tight end Kellen Winslow.  Those picks were a 2nd rounder and a 5th rounder.  Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik got the 2nd round pick back by trading defensive end Gaines Adams to the Chicago Bears and got the 5th round pick back by trading tight end Alex Smith to the New England Patriots.  The net result is getting Kellen Winslow for Gaines Adams and Alex Smith.  The original trade brought the most productive receiver in 2009 to Tampa Bay.  The subsequent moves let loose an under performing defensive end and semi-productive tight end.  Starter for starter between Winslow and Adams would certainly favor Winslow as far as production.  Add in the fact Alex Smith did not even make the opening day roster of the New England Patriots (meaning the Buccaneers got something and New England got nothing) and you see this entire set of moves was a big time win for Dominik and the Buccaneers.  The final result for Tampa Bay is having the 2nd and 5th round picks back this year plus Kellen Winslow.  This shows great savvy by GM Mark Dominik and demonstrates how to use the needs of other teams to improve your own roster.  Very impressive for a GM just starting his second season at the top.

Another quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh, could play a factor if he is indeed traded.  This would remove a possible trade-up option and may result in Detroit staying put and taking one of the top defensive linemen leaving the other top defensive lineman for Tampa Bay.

Maurice Stovall (WR) is back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers having signed his one-year tender offer.  He is a key piece in replacing Antonio Bryant so Buccaneer fans should feel good about it.  It does not, however, remove the need to draft at least one wide receiver in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Jimmy Wilkerson (DE, 42 tackles, 24 assists) has signed a free agent deal with the New Orleans Saints.  Wilkerson had six sacks in 2009, making him the 2nd leading sack producer for Tampa Bay in 2009 (Stylez White had 6.5 sacks to lead the team).  Losing a productive player is never a good thing.  The Buccaneers, however, have already gone a long way improving this position with September 2009 September 2009 waiver wire acquision Tim Crowder (37 tackles, 10 assists, 3.5 sacks) and October 2009 waiver wire acquisition Micheal Bennett (undrafted in 2009 but picked up by Seattle) as well as Buccaneers 2009 draft pick Kyle Moore (2009, 4th round).  And White also remains with the team.  A look at the young core defense shows Wilkerson's leaving should not change needs previously identified, so I do not believe this means the Buccaneers need to draft a Defensive End in the 2010 Draft.

Barrett Ruud (LB) has signed his tender but it should not change the Buccaneers draft needs.

Elbert Mack (CB) has signed his tender as well.  This adds young depth with good experience to the young core defense.  However, considering the front office activity last year, Tampa Bay will most likely spend at least one pick at corner.

Finally, some videos worth watching:

Could this be the #1 pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010?  Gerald McCoy on NFL Network

There have been changes to draft preparation this offseason, hear what offensive coordinator Greg Olson thinks of them:  OC Greg Olson on Buccaneers Insider (does he slip regarding drafting wide receivers this year??)

What the rest of the team has been up to:  Offseason Workouts Have Started; High Participation

That does it.  Find a great chair in a comfortable room and relax.  Best of Luck to the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization on the 2010 Draft!!!

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