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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fake Draft from Valrico, Florida

I picked this draft to post because Jesse is the youngest person to send in a draft.

Jesse used the CBS 2010 Prospect Rankings (notes in parentheses are Jesse's):
#3 - Gerald McCoy (but I want Suh) (DT, Nebraska, 6'4", 295lbs)
#35 - Carlos Dunlap (DE, Florida, 6'6", 278lbs)
#42 - Terrence Codey (to go with McCoy) (DT, Alabama, 6'4", 349lbs)
#67 - Eric Decker (to replace Antonio Bryant) (WR, Minnesota, 6'2", 217)
#101 - Brandon Lang (DE, Troy, 6'4", 266lbs)
#153 - Jason Fox (OT, Miami (FL), 6'7", 305lbs)
#172 - Emmanuel Sanders (to replace [Micheal] Clayton) (WR, SMU, 5'11", 186lbs)
#210 - Charlie Tanner (G, Texas, 6'4", 305lbs)
#217 - AJ Edds (OLB, Iowa, 6'4", 246lbs)
#232 - Darryl Sharpton (ILB, Miami(FL), 6'0", 236lbs)
#253 - Sam Shields (CB, Miami(FL), 5'11", 184lbs)

Jesse says:
We need defensive line and wide receivers.  I picked a whole new defensive line.  And lots of players from Miami because they are the best!
Jesse, I like your thinking.  Coach Dungy had a lot of success with in-state college talent.  We'll have to see if Coach Morris can have the same success.

Thanks for sending in your draft, Jesse from Valrico!!

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