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Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 Detroit Draft Class

Round 1, #1:  Matthew Stafford, QB  (Overall #1)
Round 1, #20:  Brandon Pettigrew, TE  (Overall #20) (From Cowboys)
Round 2, #1: Louis Delmas, S (Overall #33) 
Round 3, #12: DeAndre Levy, OLB (Overall #76) (From Saints through Jets)
Round 3, #18: Derrick Williams, WR(Overall #82) (From Cowboys)
Round 4, #15: Sammie Lee Hill, DT(Overall #115) (From Redskins through Jets)
Round 6, #19: Aaron Brown, RB(Overall #192) (From Cowboys)
Round 7, #19: Lydon Murtha, OT(Overall #228) (From Jets)
Round 7, #26: Zack FollettOLB(Overall #235) (From Falcons through Broncos)
Round 7, #46: Dan GronkowskiTE (Overall #255) (Compensatory selection)

2009 Tampa Bay Draft Class

Round 1, 17th: Josh Freeman, QB (Overall 17) (From Jets through Browns)
Round 3, 17th: Roy Miller, T (Overall 81)
Round 4, 17th: Kyle Moore, DE (Overall 117) (From Dallas)
Round 5, 19th: Xavier Fulton, T (Overall 155)
Round 7, 8th: E.J. Biggers, CB (Overall 217) (From Jaguars)
Round 7, 24th: Sammie Stroughter, WR (Overall 233) (From Ravens)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preseason Coordinator Firings: No Hangover

(2009 Week 7)

The Tampa Bay media has had it's fun running line after line regarding the firing of Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski during the preseason.  Coach Jagodzinski was one of three coordinators released during the 2009 preseason, the others being Chan Gailey (released by Kansas City) and Turk Schonert (released by Buffalo). 

So how's it working out?

Kansas City is now 1-6 with their only win coming against the 2-win Washington Redskins who, by the way, recently stripped head coach Jim Zorn of his offensive coordinator duties (and brought in a fresh face).  The Chiefs also recently fired their Wide Recievers coach for good measure.  The Chiefs average 15 points per game (NFL rank of 26th) and have started two different quarterbacks during the season.

Buffalo is 3-4 and just two games out of first place in their division.  They have averaged 16.7 points per game (NFL rank of 24th).  Buffalo has started Trent Edwards each game this season.

Tampa Bay is 0-7 and has averaged 13.7 points per game (NFL rank of 28th).  The Bucs have started two different quarterbacks this season.

The bottom line question is, however, did any of these teams seriously damage the season they might have had by changing offensive coordinators so late in the preseason?  Kansas City and Tampa Bay were not highly considered coming into the season as both had made significant roster changes.  Buffalo plays in a very competitive division and was not generally considered a playoff team.  However, Buffalo is still in the hunt.  

The point that the media (in the Tampa Bay area specifically) appears to have missed is:  Would it have been worse to retain these coaches?  Certainly the General Managers, Head Coaches, and perhaps even Ownership played a role in considering these moves so close to the opening of the regular season.  It is an extremely uncommon move and so it follows that these were extremely unusual circumstances.  

Obviously each team thought it would be worse to just keep going as opposed to making the hard choice and moving on.  So each team pulled the trigger, avoiding a midseason coaching shuffle which would could potentially be much more disruptive.  It shows leadership, an eye for the long term, and an unwillingness to compromise on a problem which can be promptly fixed.

For some reason, however, the media in Tampa Bay keeps bringing this up as a negative.

Would you keep a coach that you didn't believe in because the preseason had already started?

Me neither.  Good call.