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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fake Draft from Brandon, Florida

I'm posting this draft since it's the only one I received that did not have Gerald McCoy at #3. 

Tom, who lives in Brandon, Floirda, sent along his draft using the CBS Sports 2010 NFL Draft prospect rankings:

#3 - Eric Berry (FS, Tennessee, 6'0", 211lbs)
#35 - Carlos Dunlap (DE, Florida, 6'6", 278lbs)
#42 - Terrence Cody (DT, Alabama, 6'4", 349lbs)
#67 - Cam Thomas (DT, North Carolina, 6'4", 330lbs)
#101 - Darrell Stuckey (SS, Kansas, 6'0", 205lbs)
#153 - Mike Williams (WR, Syracuse, 6'2", 221lbs)
#172 - Emmanuel Sanders (WR, SMU, 5'11", 186lbs)
#210 - Shay Hodge (WR, Mississippi, 6'1", 209lbs)
#217 - Vincent Ray (ILB, Duke, 6'2", 240lbs)
#232 - Chris McCoy (OLB, Middle Tennessee, 6'3", 261lbs)
#253 - Richard Dickson (FB, LSU, 6'3", 249lbs)

Tom says:
Defensive line is deep and I think Eric Berry is the best athlete on the board.  We gave up too many long plays last year so get the best defensive back early and get defensive line later in the draft.  In the 7th round, get big guys who can run for special teams
 Certainly a different take, and Tom found about 680lbs of defensive tackle.  Thanks for sharing your draft, Tom in Brandon!

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