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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pre-Draft Tampa Media Laughers 2010

"I didn't even know Leftwich was still on the team."
-- Ron Diaz, 620 AM
You sure didn't have a problem complaining about signing the veteran to a two year contract last year, Dan.  You probably also don't know the 7th rounder GM Mark Dominik got for Leftwich from the Pittsburgh Steelers is part of a 5th rounder in 2011 now.  Don't worry, Dan, I don't expect you to remember that either.

"Who is the third quarterback for the Buccaneers now?  What's his name?"
-- Fabulous Sports Babe, 1030 AM
There are only 80 players on the offseason roster Babe, is it really too much to at least look at it once in a while?  Considering Rudy Carpenter was signed in the middle of last year there is no break for "too recent", and not noticing is unforgivable.  It's OK, we know you are a baseball fan first.

"They have 12 picks and there are only 53 players on the regular season roster -- 45 on the travelling squad.  I have no idea how they are going to fit all these rookies into the roster.  Is one fourth of the team going to be rookies next year?"
-- Anwar Richardson, TBO.com
(This gem was part of an eye-rolling talk where the 2nd quote was presented as well) Anwar, just to be clear, there are 22 starting positions on this football team (3-13 last year) plus punter and kicker.  So each rookie could back up one veteran, for instance.  I guess what I'm saying is that twelve is less than 45.  Anwar, are you assuming, before the draft, that none of the rookies can be starters next year?  In reality the Bucs ended up with only 9 selections so I hope you're feeling less confused about this point today.

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