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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who Buccaneer Fans Should Cheer For, Week 9

We want that win in Atlanta!!  That's priority #1 -- take the lead in the NFC South!

The next best things which can happen is for the other division leaders to lose.  Good News!!  The NFC East leading New York Giants play the NFC West leading Seattle Seahawks, so one of them has to lose.  To get the #1 overall seed in the playoffs, a win by Seattle is preferred.  The NFC North is lead by the Green Bay Packers, who play the Dallas Cowboys.  Ugh, yucky game -- but it would be better for the Buccaneers if Dallas won (since the Jets couldn't figure out how last weekend).

One game which could be very important is Arizona Cardinals against the Minnesota Vikings.  If the Vikings can win, it continues the splitting of the NFC which will slowly start eliminating teams from playoff contention.  Go Vikings!

The last four teams to be concerned with this week are the Eagles, Bears, Rams, and Redskins who are all within a game of the Buccaneers in record, but on the outside looking in for playoff positions at this time.  The Rams and Redskins (both 4-4 and therefore two games behind the Buccaneers) are on bye weeks so nothing happening there.  The Eagles host Indianapolis so cheer on the Colts!!  And finally, the Bears go to Buffalo and become the latest team to worry about being the Bills first win of the season.  You can do it, Bills!!

So, to recap:  Buccaneers, Seahawks, Cowboys, Vikings, Colts, and Bills are the teams we want to win this week.


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