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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tampa Bay Has No Interest In Randy Moss

I can flatly confirm the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have zero interest in Randy Moss.

The Buccaneers are quite happy with the young receiving corp and the chemistry they are developing with quarterback Josh Freeman.

As is evident from watching him play, Moss is a notoriously lazy route runner (as well as a mouth runner) so I applaud the Buccaneers for going with what they have and staying on the upward path with the talented youth already on the roster -- including the leading rookie wide receiver in the NFL Mike Williams.

Just more proof of how drafting your own talent and developing it gives you more options when it comes to the waiver wire and free agent markets.  The Buccaneers can avoid the circus, potential locker room distraction, and the huge contract simply due to their diligence in drafting Sammie Stroughter (2009), Mike Williams (2010), and Arrelious Benn (2010), three young players with far more upside.

Sorry, Randy, hope someone else has work for you!

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