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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Race to 10" Update: Week 8

A peek ahead at the upcoming schedule of the 5-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 

WIN 17-14 Cleveland; Buccaneers Ranked #27
WIN 20-7 Carolina; Buccaneers Ranked #20
LOSS 38-13 Pittsburgh; Buccaneers Ranked #22
WIN 24-21 Cincinnati; Buccaneers Ranked #17
LOSS 31-6 New Orleans; Buccaneers Ranked #19
WIN 18-17 Saint Louis; Buccaneers Ranked #17
WIN 38-35 Arizona; Buccaneers Ranked #13 (Current NFL expert ranking)

Up Next:
@Atlanta (5-2)  #7 (NFL Expert Rank)

Carolina (1-6)  #31
@San Francisco (2-6)  #28
@Baltimore (5-2)  #2
Atlanta (5-2)  #7
@Washington (4-4)  #22
Detroit (2-5)  #24
Seattle (4-3)  #20
@New Orleans (5-3)   #8

Remaining Schedule Cumulative Record: 33-33

The Buccaneers have reached their highest ranking of the season this week and their first mark within the top half of the NFL since late in the 2008 season.  Tampa Bay still needs a "signature win" this season to start building a reputation as a legitimate post-season threat -- could it be this week against the Falcons?  The "4th quarter" of the season looks pivotal (Redskins, Lions, Seahawks, Saints) in determining the end-of-season fate of the 2010 Buccaneers.

Using the NFL.com expert consensus rankings (which change weekly), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should still finish 10-6 and in the NFC Playoffs!


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