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Monday, November 1, 2010

Rumor: A Buccaneer Is Headed To IR This Week

I've been burning up the network this evening but do not have a name.  But from what I understand, there will be yet another Buccaneer going to IR this week.

I have not been able to determine who it is, so let's see if we can figure it out by analysis.

Last week's injury report had the following players not participating in practice:
Keydrick Vincent (G) Back
Brian Price (DT) Pelvis
Jeremy Trueblood (T) Knee
Jeff Faine (C) Quadricep
Preston Parker (WR) Knee

Add in those who did not play last Sunday:
QB 11 J.Johnson

And those who were inactive last Sunday:
QB Rudy Carpenter
RB Kregg Lumpkin
CB Elbert Mack
C Jeff Faine
T  Jeremy Trueblood
WR Preston Parker
DT Brian Price
DE Alex Magee

And we have our list of suspects.
  • It is not Keydrick Vincent, he was cut from the roster late last week.
  • I doubt it's one of the Quarterbacks, Rudy Carpenter or Josh Johnson, since neither has seen much action and neither has been on an injury report this season.
  • Brian Price and Jeff Faine have been week-to-week for a couple weeks now.  If it was one of them, you would think they would already be on IR.  You can't really eliminate them from the possiblity, however, until they get back on the practice field.
  • Jeremy Trueblood is recently injured, a possibility on an already thin line.
  • Elbert Mack has been hurt but participated last week, which does not sound like a candidate for IR.
  • Preston Parker's injury is recent and I do not know the extent.  Parker is a possiblity.
  • Kregg Lumpkin and Alex Magee have never been mentioned in an injury report.
So the possiblities are Parker, Trueblood, Price, and Faine, in my estimation.  It would seem that Trueblood and Parker are most likely as they are more recently injured.

Coach Morris did not provide an injury report in his Monday press conference so there are no hints there.

Again, I would classify this a rumor at this point.  We should know if I'm completely mistaken by Wednesday.  In any case, it's still going to be a busy week in the Buccaneer's front office -- not what you want going into a showdown for the top spot in the NFC South.

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