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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rumor: Jeff Faine Out At Least A Month

It's not official or unofficial.  It's just a rumor.  But I am starting to get a feeling from One Buccaneer Place that Faine's injury could be as serious as reported by BucsBeat just after the game last Sunday.  I am picking up chatter here and there that Faine will be out for at least a month -- and maybe much longer.  If the injury is this serious, the team is most likely getting specialist opinions before deciding on a course of treatment.  Expect Coach Morris to be suitably grilled at the next press conference about the subject.

An interesting twist is the Buccaneers swapping linebackers on the practice squad this week as well as possible changes at punter (is 2010 draft pick Brent Bowden on the way back?).  No shifts for the offensive line?  Either the Buccaneers are happy with what they have, or the injury to Faine is not quite as serious.

More news as soon as it bubbles to the surface!

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