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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The "Race to 10" Update: Playoffs Here We Come!!

A peek ahead at the upcoming schedule of the 3-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

WIN 17-14 Cleveland; Buccaneers Ranked #27
WIN 20-7 Carolina; Buccaners Ranked #20
LOSS 38-13 Pittsburgh; Buccaneers now Ranked #22
WIN 24-21 Cincinnati; Buccaneers Ranked #17 (currently)

Up Next:
New Orleans (3-2) 

Saint Louis (2-3)
@Arizona (3-2)
@Atlanta (4-1)
Carolina (0-5)
@San Francisco (0-5)
@Baltimore (4-1)
Atlanta (4-1)
@Washington (3-2)
Detroit (1-4)
Seattle (2-2)
@New Orleans (3-2)

Remaining Schedule Cumulative Record: 26-28

Using the NFL.com expert consensus rankings (which change weekly), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers project to finish 10-6, which would qualify as an NFC Playoff Team!


1 comment:

  1. ten wins are realistic...but it starts with the rams this sunday (if we can't beat the rams...well then you should break out the binoculars, b/c your vision is impaired).

    i was at the bucs/saints game last sunday...and i'll tell you that was hard to watch. we have NO running game, NO run D...NO pass rush...and it drives me nuts every time our fans chant "ruuuuuud" when he's making tackles 8 yds off the line of scrimmage. to top it off...our secondary looks like a tackling machine (which really shouldn't be the case if our d-linemen or linebackers could actually put someone on the ground).

    BUT...the BUCS are 3-2...And like I said earlier...10 games are realistic...And here's how:
    Rams W (crowd the box...let bradford beat you with his arm...he's a rookie...and our secondary is relatively legit)
    Cardinals W (max who?)
    Falcons L (we won't have our run d or running game figured out by then)
    Panthers W (again...load the box...let clausen beat you with his arm)
    49ers W (i really hope they win a game before we play them...teams end up experiencing their firsts against the bucs for some reason)
    Ravens L (no comment needed)
    Falcons W (here's our upset...we almost beat them twice last year...this will be our throwback game...the vibe will be right...and we'll pull it off)
    Redskins W (this game looks like a win...but we could be picked apart by mcnabb and co.)
    Lions L (this team will break out in a few weeks...and they will more likely than not, crush us)
    Seahawks W (they will fall apart by the end of the season...we should be able to pull this off)
    Saints L (even if they've secured a playoff spot by the final week, i guarantee you, they won't rest their players to let a division rival get into the playoffs - they'll do their part to make sure we get 10 wins and not 11).


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