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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bye Week Analysis: Practice Squad

There has been a lot going on in the front office of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since the season started, not the least of which was stabilizing the practice squad.

Even this week, changes continued as the Buccaneers worked their own 2010 7th round pick Erik Lorig back off the practice squad and onto the active roster.  Lorig gets promoted because of the loss of Tanard Jackson, which left a vacancy on the practice squad.  That empty spot was filled with the addition of JD Folsom, a linebacker from Weber State, earlier this week.

If last year was any indication, these types of transactions will happen all season long.  Last year a large number of defensive backs came through the practice squad as the Buccaneers continued to look for upgrades.  Apparently none of those players made a serious impact so the Buccaneers drafted Myron Lewis (CB) and Cody Grimm (S).  Keeping an eye on the practice squad may give some clues as to what General Manager Mark Dominik is looking to improve on his roster.

The current practice squad, as of this moment, this day (School link is a Bio; draft link has review/career information):

Brandon Carter (G), 6'7" 344 lbs (and an attitude), Texas Tech, 2010 Undrafted
Derek Hardman (T), 6'6" 300 lbs, Eastern Kentucky, 2010 Undrafted
Dezmon Briscoe (WR), 6'3" 200 lbs, Kansas, 2010 6th Round (Bengals)
Will Barker (T), 6'7" 320, Virginia, 2010 Undrafted
Ryan Purvis (TE), 6'4" 260, Boston College, 2009 Undrafted, spent 2009 on the Tampa Bay practice squad
George Johnson (DE), 6'4" 265, Rutgers, 2009 Undrafted, first signed by Tampa Bay in August 2010
Vince Anderson (CB), 6'2" 205, Webber International (NAIA), 2009 Undrafted, NY Giants practice squad 2009
JD Folsom (LB), 6'3" 230, Weber State, 2009 7th Round (Dolphins), 2009 Chicago Bears practice squad 

So far, this has been a pretty stable group, with only the Buccaneers 2010 draft pick Brent Bowden (P) and practice squad journeyman (Denver, Arizona, Tampa Bay) Lee Robinson (LB) having passed through.

Mesh the first five in this group into the Young Core Offense and you see where this could be going.  In fact, you really hope these guys can stay with the Buccaneers and add key depth to the roster!

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