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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bye Week Analsysis: Young Core Offense

This is a check similar to the one posted on New Years Day 2010.  I've cross-referenced the depth chart and roster for the defense and kept only the players with four or fewer years in the NFL (i.e. less that 5 years of wear at tear).  This chart then represents the "Young Core" of the Buccaneers -- put another way, these are the players who will have to get us to the playoffs in 2013-2015 (2 to 4 years from now).

Starters are in bold, with years of experience in parenthesis after their name:  

LT  James Lee (3 years experience)
RG  (?)
C    Larsen, Ted (1)
LG  Zuttah, Jeremy (3)
RT  Dotson, Demar (2)

QB  Freeman, Josh (2); Johnson, Josh (3); Carpenter, Rudy (2)
RB  Blount, LeGarrette (1); Huggins, Kareem (1)
FB  Pressley, Chris (2); Lumpkin, Kregg (2)

TE  (?)
WRY Williams, Mike (1), Spurlock, Micheal (3)
WRZ Stroughter, Sammie (2), Benn, Arrelious (1), Parker, Preston (1)
Some holes do show up here -- no young, up-and-coming backup for the right offensive guard nor at the tight end posision.  This chart has significant changes:  a full stable of young running backs and a strong group of young wide receivers.  The time General Manager Mark Dominik spent early in his tenure at Quarterback is still showing the fruits of his labor as the position is solid as a rock (and looks to stay that way for the next couple years.  It appears the rest of the offensive backfield may be equally as stable now as well.

After a 2010 offseason which brought a large (and needed) talent infusion to the defense it looks like this offseason will be mostly about the offense.  From the looks of this chart, that's a great place to put in the time!

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