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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Penn To Get Top Ten Money

If everyone signs on the dotted line, Donald Penn will report to the Buccaneers training camp firmly entrenched as one of the ten highest paid offensive linemen in the NFL at around $8 million/year, joining fellow Buccaneer Jeff Faine near the top of the offensive-line-salary-cap-hit chart:

Top 10 2009 Offensive Line Salaries
Player (Team)Total SalaryCap Value
Staley, Joe (SF)$ 12,677,280$ 13,527,280
Peters, Jason (PHI)$ 10,504,680$ 12,704,680
Jones, Walter (SEA)$ 6,206,240$ 9,806,240
Long, Jake (MIA)$ 8,006,240$ 9,606,240
Clifton, Chad (GB)$ 6,373,610$ 8,040,280
Faine, Jeff (TB)$ 2,006,760$ 8,006,760
Faneca, Alan (NYJ)$ 7,000,000$ 7,890,000
Hutchinson, S (MIN)$ 5,500,000$ 7,500,000
Backus, Jeff (DET)$ 4,500,000$ 7,273,176
Dielman, Kris (SD)$ 5,506,630$ 7,206,630

Don't forget: Davin Joeseph's contract will be up after this season as well. Excluding labor unrest, the cost to keep this group of offensive linemen together will be a big topic for the 2011 offseason.

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