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Friday, July 30, 2010

Penn Contract: Very Little Up Front, Big Incentives

It appears the initial rumors are starting to pan out -- Penn will sign a contract which is multi-year (what he wanted) and has low up front number with lots of incentives (what the Buccaneers wanted).  Looks like a good deal for all.  Quiet talk is that Dominik and Penn agreed for Penn to have the most success this season Penn needed to get to camp on time -- and this formed the basis for the negotiations today which appear to have paid off in the form of a new contract and no more lost time for Penn.

Here is a look at the offensive line salaries last year:

2009 Buccaneer OL Salaries
PlayerTotal SalaryCap Value
Faine, Jeff$ 2,006,760$ 8,006,760
Penn, Donald$ 2,797,200$ 2,797,200
Joseph, Davin$ 1,511,760$ 1,711,760
Trueblood, Jeremy$ 541,760$ 849,260
Economos, Andrew$ 541,760$ 646,760
Zuttah, Jeremy$ 391,760$ 570,260
Lee, James$ 391,760$ 391,760
Fulton, Xavier$ 491,000$ 355,250
Dotson, Demar$ 310,000$ 310,000
Murphy, Shawn$ 390,980$ 249,118

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