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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holmgren Takes First Steps From Dominik's Plan

A funny thing has happened in Cleveland since free agency has started -- something that Buccaneer fans know well.  The GM set off to fix the quarterback position.  And Holmgren played it by-the-book from Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik's plan.

Here is how it's unfolded (Holmgren in 2010, Dominik in 2009):
-  Holmgren cut the underperforming starter Derek Anderson (Dominik cut Jeff Garcia)
-  Holmgren as signed an older, veteran player in Jake Delhome (Dominik signed Byron Leftwich)
-  Holmgren traded away his #2 quarterback (Dominik traded Luke McCown).
All this to solidify a position that Holmgren knows is vital -- quarterback.

All that's left is for Holmgren to draft a quarterback -- and they "might draft a quarterback next month" according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  But we've already known that for a couple weeks.

Will Dominik recieve accolades from the Tampa Bay Area Media for not only solving the Buccaneers quarterback situation last year (heard anyone mention it since the season ended?), but solving it with a long term solution?  Will he get recognition for going through the same process that a seasoned General Manager like Holmgren is also going through?

No, he won't.  The Tampa Bay Media will continue to rehash the handling of the quarterback position in 2009 without even a nod or acknowledgment that the same thing goes on elsewhere.

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