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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free Agency: Bucs add LB Jon Alston

Alston, listed as an outside linebacker on the Oakland Raiders depth chart for 2009, is most likely a player at the same position for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As he has less than six years of NFL experience, he becomes a member of the young defensive core:

(Players who contributed significantly in 2009 are in italics):
RE - Stylez White (4), Tim Crowder (4), Maurice Evans (1)
UT - Roy Miller (1)
DT - Dre Moore (2)
LE - Kyle Moore (1), Micheal Bennett (1)
SLB - Quincy Black (4), Lee Robinson (2), Jon Alston(5)
MLB - Adam Hayward (4)
WLB - Geno Hayes (3), Rod Wilson (4)
LCB - Aquib Talib (3), Derrick Roberson (2), Brandon Anderson (1)
RCB - Elbert Mack (3), E.J. Biggers (1), Stoney Woodson (2)
SS - Sabby Piscatelli (4), Corey Lynch (3), Emanuel Cook (2)
FS - Tanard Jackson (4), De'von Hall (1)
P - Sam Paulescu (3)

It appears that Tampa Bay still has plenty of room to draft another linebacker or two in the April 2010 NFL Draft.

Alton most likely replaces Matt McCoy, who was entering his 6th NFL year and was on the depth chart at outside linebacker before being cut by the Buccaneers just before the 2010 Free Agency period began.  McCoy was also very active on special teams.

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