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Friday, January 27, 2012

Dominik vs. The NFC Champions: Defense

General Manager Mark Dominik has stayed the path of building with youth and only adding the occasional free agent.  Let's see if this philosophy lines up with the NFC Champion New York Giants defense.

NY Giants Defense
The Defensive two-deep for the New York Giants:

DE Justin Tuck - Drafted (3rd Round, 2005); has only been a Giant
DE Dave Tollefson - Free Agent (Green Bay, 2007)
DE Osi Umenyiora - Drafted (2nd Round, 2003); has only been a Giant
DE Jason Pierre-Paul - Drafted (1st Round, 2010); has only been a Giant
DT Linval Joseph - Drafted (2nd Round, 2010); has only been a Giant
DT Rocky Bernard - Free Agent (Seattle, 2009)
DT Chris Canty - Free Agent (Dallas, 2009)
DT Jimmy Kennedy - Free Agent (Minnesota, 2011)
LB Michael Boley - Free Agent (Atlanta, 2009)
LB Jacquain Williams - Drafted (6th Round, 2011); has only been a Giant
LB Mathias Kiwanuka - Drafted (1st Round, 2006); has only been a Giant
LB Greg Jones - Drafted (6th Round, 2011); has only been a Giant
S Antrel Rolle - Free Agent (Arizona, 2010)
S Deon Grant - Free Agent (Seattle, 2010)
S Kenny Phillips - Drafted (1st Round, 2008); has only been a Giant
S Tyler Sash - Drafted (6th Round, 2011); has only been a Giant
CB Aaron Ross - Drafted (1st Round, 2007); has only been a Giant
CB Micheal Coe - Free Agent (Jacksonville, 2010)
CB Corey Webster - Drafted (2nd Round, 2005)
CB Brian Williams - Free Agent (Atlanta, 2011)

That is:
1 Undrafted Free Agent
9 Free Agents
11 Drafted

The drafted players breakdown like this:
4 First Rounders
2 Second Rounders
1 Third Rounder
3 Sixth Rounders

Again, there is more drafted talent than free agent talent in this group, but much closer to half and half.  There are more high-round draft picks on this side of the ball as well.  Two members of this unit were drafted in 2005, meaning it took seven years to get the right group together.

Clearly the New York Giants have leaned heavily on the draft to reach the SuperBowl in 2012.  Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik shares this philosophy, and it is a philosophy which should (accounting for coaching, retention, team chemistry, etc) allow the Buccaneers to compete with playoff teams in the near future.

1 comment:

  1. The Philosophy should be 30% best free agents and 70% draft. Ronde Barber proved how veteran leadership helps.

    PS- How do you let Barrett Ruud go? Nose for the ball and a crowd favorite. Mason Foster better step his game up big time.


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