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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Situational Defensive Fronts

During his press conference on September 2nd, Head Coach Raheem Morris laid out the rotation for the front seven on defense.

RE: Adrian Clayborn
DT: Roy Miller
DT: Gerald McCoy
LE: Michael Bennett
WLB: Geno Hayes
MLB: Mason Foster
SLB: Quincy Black


RE: Adrian Clayborn/Tim Crowder
DT: Roy Miller/Brian Price/Frank Okam
DT: Gerald McCoy/Frank Okam
LE: Michael Bennett/Da'Quan Bowers
WLB: Geno Hayes
MLB: Quincy Black/Mason Foster
SLB: Dakota Watson

Regarding Frank Okam, who will play either inside tackle positions, Coach said he is a "large, smart human".  Also according to Coach Morris, Adam Heyward will be available at all linebacker positions.  Mason Foster is still learning nickel coverages (this is where the lockout hurts).

For the Buccaneers to reach the playoffs in 2011 the defensive front seven needs to be more disruptive.  With the additional speed of Mason Foster and the power of Adrian Clayborn, it could be the group to get Tampa Bay over the top.

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