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Friday, June 24, 2011

Morris Talked With Players? No Big Deal

In the world of sports blogging, there are those who report news and those who report anything.

JoeBucFan is certainly one of the latter.

The latest misstep by Joe-Falcon-Fan is "breaking" the news the Coach Raheem Morris has been in contact with players during the lockout.  But, with a cursory look around the NFL, this can be filed under "Not News".  Just like when he reported that Aqib Talib would be released by the team as soon as possible, but wasn't during the two days the NFL lockout was lifted (Is Joe truly an alter ego of Rick Stroud or Steve Duemig?  One has to wonder with the excess of attention they get from Joe).

And while other Not-As-Awesome-As-Yardbarker sports sites picked up Joe-Saints-Fan's blathering, I'm happy to report the 'Barkers saw it for what it was.

Let me demonstrate:
- 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has already been scolded by the NFL for talking to QB Alex Smith.
- Back in April, the NFL allowed the Dallas Cowboys to spend an evening together with coaches and staff at a fundraiser
- In May, the Dolphins got together as a team for a fundraiser with full knowledge of the NFL
- Just yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs spent a day together helping the town of Joplin, Missouri, recover from a devastating tornado earlier this spring.

This has been going on for several months, and has been reported on as a story in and of itself.

If Coach Morris called three of his players, or they called him, it's far less than other teams.  If the NFL comes down on the Buccaneers it would be unfair at this point.  The league is going to have to allow a lot of slack if they want to start enforcing this now.  And they won't.  And everyone knows it.

Except Joe-Panther-Fan.

So Joe should think that Joe is not doing Joe any favors by making up news.

Does he hold a grudge against the team?  It is starting to look that way.

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