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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talib Not Going Anywhere (Unless)

Aqib Talib will not be leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, unless he really did fire a weapon in Texas.

Contrary to other reports, there is not a movement inside the Buccaneers organization to let Talib go.  And while the blogosphere is quick to judge, jury, and execution, just because you don't look at the facts does not mean they do not exist.  Really, bloggers "calling" for the release of Talib?  Get Real.

Don't get me wrong -- if Talib fired the gun, the NFL will be quick and decisive in it's actions.  And dismissal from the team is a real possibility.

But, so far, Talib is still only a "person of interest".  He has not been formally charged.  In fact, a grand jury will decide whether to indict Talib.  The facts of the case are sketchy, with many coming from the notorious "unnamed sources close to the investigation".  And several don't pass the "common sense" test, such as the man allegedly shot at was at the scene when police arrived -- this is a guy who claims two people shot at him; was he looking for a third time?  The suspect led the police to the gun which was allegedly discharged at him; it was in a neighbor's trash can -- again, shot at, ran away, but knew where the gun was?

A grand jury will decide if charges need to be brought against Talib.  Until then, he's done everything the team has asked of him, including anger management courses and limited time with the media.  The team will not make a decision before this process is fully resolved.

So let's just let it play out, OK?

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