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Friday, August 13, 2010

Nothing To Hype Here

There has been much ado about nothing on two topics during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2010 training camp so far.  Time to put them both away:

Barrett Ruud is Just Fine:  While some people might want to rift the team over Donald Penn getting a long term contract it is not going to happen.  Barrett Ruud, usually very open about his desire for a long term, lucrative contract, has shown more maturity over Penn's contract than a number of reporters have given him credit for.  It is not a surprise they have underestimated him.  And, in fact, Ruud should be glad to see such an investment in a player with nearly the same experience (Penn is entering his 5th year, Ruud his 6th).  With a young and talented line in front of him this year he should have his best opportunity to shine since taking over in the middle of the defense. This is his best chance to show he can handle being the core of this defense for many more years.  If he does it,  he will probably get that big contract next year (or after the looming strike).

Brian Price Will Play Week 1:  Barring some new, disasterous injury, Brian Price will play come week 1.  Although he had to watch some of the summer program while nursing some nagging injuries, and although he has been rested on occasion through training camp, he will be there on Day One of 2011.  Count on it.

After slamming on the changes made to the team for a full season it may take some time for some reporters to fully swallow their crow.  They better hurry before this young, aggressive, and talented team shoves it down for them.

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