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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Couple Insights

Item 1:  Previous analysis has shown that a young core middle linebacker is not on the roster.  I have information that, contrary to the final published depth chart for 2009, the Buccaneers are planning to groom Adam Hayward at MLB.  This fills in an important spot for the young core defense and also reduces the need to draft for that position this year:

LE - Kyle Moore (1), Micheal Bennett (1)
DT - Roy Miller (1)
DT - Dre Moore (2)
RE - Stylez White (4), Tim Crowder (4), Maurice Evans (1)
SLB - Quincy Black (4), Lee Robinson (2)
MLB - Adam Hayward (4)
WLB - Geno Hayes (3), Rod Wilson (4)
LCB - Aquib Talib (3), Derrick Roberson (2), Brandon Anderson (1)
RCB - Elbert Mack (3), E.J. Biggers (1), Stoney Woodson (2)
SS - Sabby Piscatelli (4), Corey Lynch (3), Emanuel Cook (2)
FS - Tanard Jackson (4), De'von Hall (1)
P - Sam Paulescu (3)

Item 2:  It appears that many within the Tampa Bay Buccaneers front office feel there is not a pressing need to be active in free agency this year.  There are several reasons behind this.  First, most are satisfied that there is a good amount of talent on the roster (evidenced by the win over New Orleans) and experience and consistency on game day can improve the team significantly.  Secondly, with ten draft picks coming to the roster this year the team can continue to build from within.  Third, with the CBA looking less and less likely to be extended, free agents are going to get a couple extra years tagged onto current free agency restrictions which will significantly reduce the number of available free agents.  But most importantly, General Manager Mark Dominik appears to be rock solid in belief that building through the draft and only adding the occasional free agent where absolutely necessary will not just get the Buccaneers back to the playoffs but keep them in contention year after year.  Think draft for long term, free agents for the coming season.

Item 3:  With the coaching transitions in Seattle and Washington it would be preferable to play these teams earlier in the season than later.  Tampa Bay has no power over this so it would be just a nice-to-get.

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