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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Roster Changes between 2008 and 2009: Defense

Strictly based on who's gone and who's new (and disregarding returning players), here is a brief rundown of roster changes from opening day 2008 to opening day 2009.

Here: Angelo Crowell, Niko Koutouvides, Rod Wilson
Gone: Cato June, Derrick Brooks

  • Two long-time pros out.  Brooks could be the best Buccaneer player -- EVER.  It's a big change but the tank could be empty for June and Brooks.  Crowell played in Buffalo last year but was injured.  He starts the year on IR.  This position is not improved.

Defensive End
Here: Kyle Moore
Gone: Jovan Haye, Kevin Carter

  • Carter's top years are behind him.  Haye was an impact player and worked well inside and out.  Moore is a rookie.  This position is not improved.

Defensive Tackle
Here: Roy Miller, Dre Moore
Gone: Chris Bradwell, Greg Peterson

  • Miller and Moore are the 300 pounders the new defense needs.  Miller showed glimpses during the preseason of the player he can become.  This position is slightly improved.

Here:  E.J. Biggers
Gone:  Phillip Buchanon

  • Buchanon was not the impact player the team had hoped for and was even worse in one-on-one tackling.  Biggers is a draft choice with potential.  This position is slightly improved.

Here:  Torrie Cox
Gone:  None

  • If Cox provides depth or even reliable special teams play, this position is improved.

Here:  None
Gone: None
  • No change for 2009

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